The Open Doors Poetry Zine is a publication created in celebration of Jack Wiler’s poem “Divina Is Divina.” It is a collection of thresholds; it is a collection of names. It is doors turned into poetry.

You might ask, “How does one turn a door into poetry?” To which I would say, “Any way you would have a door become a poem.” You might…

  • Write a poem to, for, or about a door
  • Write a poem about exits and entrances
  • Paint words on the surface of a door
  • Glue jewels, glitter, and your words on a door
  • Carve characters into the surface of a door
  • Set a door on fire
  • Find a bathroom stall door with already existing poetry graffiti
  • or discover a door with so much character that it is poetry without needing words

Work accepted will immediately be published in the online Open Doors Poetry Zine.

A portion of the what appears on the online zine will be selected for the print version of The Open Doors Poetry Zine

Those who submit work will receive two copies of the book and a letter of great thanks. Additional books will be made and left on the door-steps of unexpected poetry readers.

Submission for this years issue will be accepted until January 1, 2011. (In other words, your "door poems" are due on the threshold of the new year.)

Please submit your work to NicelleCDavis at gmail dot com

Best Wishes,
Nicelle Davis